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May 16, 2011
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She froze.

Standing there at the foot of Twilight's door.

"Come on," she thought to herself. "You can do this."

Surely Twilight would understand. Surely she would be able to help. She could use magic better than anypony else in Ponyville.

"I can do this. I'm Rainbow Dash!"

"I'll just go in there, and tell her what's up."

Dash gulped down the lump in her throat.

"I know she can fix me."


"Okay Spike, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Twilight questioned, unsure of whether or not Spike's plan was a good idea.

"Of course Twilight! I'm just so short! That has to be why Rarity isn't interested."

"Spike, making yourself taller isn't going to make Rarity fall in love with you."

He stroked an imaginary goatee, lost in thought.

"You know, you're right! She's into fashion, right? Surely she wants a man with great style!"

Twilight sighed. "Spike, you're fine the way you are. Just go talk to h--"

She was interrupted by the sound of hooves clopping against her front door.

"Uh… hold on Spike."

Twilight Sparkle opened the door, revealing a very nervous-looking Rainbow Dash.

"Hi Dash! What brings you here?"

"Um, hey Twilight," Rainbow Dash attempted to hide her anxiety.

"Rainbow, are you okay?"

"Y-yeah! Of course!"

Dash closed her eyes, letting her head hang down, "No."

"Twilight, can we talk… alone?" She glared over to Spike, who was miles away, daydreaming whilst gazing at a photo of Rarity she had given him."

Spike could tell they really needed to talk. Rainbow Dash never acted this way.

"Sorry. I'll let you two have your privacy. I'm supposed to help Pinkie Pie buy
party decorations."

Twilight smiled, "Thanks Spike."


"Dash, you don't look so good." Twilight's concern was growing. Rainbow was more prone to crashing through her more often than not closed window than she was knocking on the front door, waiting for someone to answer. "Did something happen?"

"No, I mean not really. It's just, there's something wrong with me. I don't know how to say it."

"What do you mean, Dash?"

"Well…" Rainbow Dash paused, "I can't believe I'm talking to you about this."

"Ever since I was a little pony, I've felt… different."

"Of course you're different Dash!" Twilight gleamed , "You're the best flyer in Ponyville; not to mention the only pony I know that can pull of a Sonic Rainboom! It's completely fine to be unique."

"Yeah… I know that, and… thanks, but this isn't really about all of that. I've felt so… wrong… my whole life."

Twilight's cheeriness faded. "Dash, what's wrong?"

Rainbow's knees began to shake, even more than they already were. Her eyes began to tear up. She felt so weak; so stupid. Twilight was the only pony that could help her.

"You're so good at magic, Twilight. I've seen you do things nopony has ever been able to do, and you make it look so easy." Rainbow tensed up, clenching her eyes shut in attempt to trap in the tears.

"Rainbow Dash…" Twilight didn't know what to say. Dash never acted this way, "What can I do to help?"

Rainbow couldn't hold it in anymore. She burst into tears, collapsing to her knees,

"You're so good at magic! I know you can fix me!"

Twilight was taken back. Fix her? Did she hurt one of her wings? Had she lost the ability to fly? What could possibly be wrong?

"Rainbow," Twilight stepped in closer, comforting Rainbow Dash, "You can tell me anything."

Dash sniffled up her tears, wiping her nose with her hoof, "Thanks Twilight."

This was it. Now or never. She had been battling this feeling her whole life, and she had finally found someone powerful enough to cure her.

Rainbow Dash looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact with Twilight Sparkle, "Twilight, I should be a boy."
I've been very, very addicted to the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic lately.

In many iterations, Rainbow Dash is pegged as a lesbian, but I always wonder if it goes a little deeper than that.

The picture is from the show, and not my own artwork. The characters are property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

Oh, and before anyone says anything, yes, I am projecting.

Also, please take some time to consider donating to my own, actual transition. Even if it's just $1, every little bit helps me out immensely:

Preview Image Courtesy of: :iconkishmond:

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I only need Soarin in my life! :rage:
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What is "projecting" ?
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I saw the whole being a boy part coming
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I fell like there's a grammer mistake in the therd paragrah, in the first sentance it say more often than not closed window, and its bothering the crap out of me
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same here
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I guess me and Rainbow Dash have something in common after all
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surbet11 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
this reminds me of a story where sh was born a boy and asked twilight to find a spell to make her female this is reversal
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A girl to boy TG?! This is blasphemy, this is Madness!
vane998 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student Artist
This is sparta!
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